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Impact Investment in Nepal

Meet Kumut and Nelson. Both are two young entrepreneurs from Nepal in the agriculture business. Nelson is the founder of N-agro and a tomato professor. N-agro cultivates a high quality tomato specie in the largest collection greenhouses throughout Nepal. Kumut started Alpine Coffee Estate with friends during their studies and is the company behind Kathman’Du Coffee.

For One to Watch we went to the farms of Kumut and Nelson to do a photo shoot. One to Watch is an impact investor in Nepal. Impact investment means that the results of the investment are beyond profit. In the context of Nelson’s greenhouses for instance, we have seen that around 50 local jobless people now have a steady job with income at the tomato farm. One to Watch works together with promising entrepreneurs like Kumut and Nelson by linking them, but not limited, to Dutch investors. They help investors by sourcing deals, making deals and monitoring their investments in the highly contextual business environment of Nepal.

Last August Mandy made pictures of both farms. These pictures Kumut and Nelson can now use for the promotion of their companies. See the beautiful result below.