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A glimpse of India

We are already three weeks in India. An amazing country, with wonderfull people, beautiful architecture and a rich culture. But also a country of choas, crazy traffic, extreme differences between rich and poor, dust and dirt. India is, as they say, a excess to your senses. And we love it!

We started in Delhi where we bought a Royal Enfield (500cc Machismo) and drove to the source of the Ganges; Devraprayag. There we blessed our bike and drove along the ganges we sometimes deviated from the route to meet interesting people (more on that later).

Below a few pictures of our trip so far. We still have some time left, so more pictures will follow.

We Want Adventure002
We Want Adventure014
We Want Adventure007
We Want Adventure017
We Want Adventure001
We Want Adventure004
We Want Adventure008
We Want Adventure011
We Want Adventure010
We Want Adventure006
We Want Adventure003

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