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Throwback Thursday: Russian Altaj

In the Tbt series we look back on the motorbike trip from Netherlands to Mongolia we undertook in 2014. In this edition we focus on a small republic in Russia, namely Altai.

The most striking aspect of the Republic Altai is its mountainous terrain. The Republic is situated within the Russian part of the Altai Mountains system, which covers a large part of the Republic and continues into neighboring Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.


We crossed the Altai on our route from Barnaul in Russia to Ulgii in Mongolia. A stretch of about 900 kilometers we did in 4 days. The roads are fine and there are many great wild camping possibilities. Our experience is that camping here is the best, but there are also hotels and guesthouses along the route, although the offer becomes less towards the border with Mongolia.

The Altaj proved one of the highlights of the whole trip. The scenic hills and meandering rivers in the north. A touristic heaven for the outdoor type, comparable to the Belgian Ardennes. Slowly the hills make way for high mountains and extinct plateaus. There in the heights it was cold, with a biting wind and snow. But Everywhere the road was good, very quiet and the scenery wonderful: a hidden surprise.

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