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Thailand and next Myanmar!

It’s time to continue the journey! Past two weeks we were in Thailand for some relaxing and traveling around. Now it is time for a new adventure, that’s why we’re heading to Myanmar. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has long been closed for foreigners, but since 2010 the country is slowly opening up. We have been attracted for a while to this mystical country where so little is known about. This makes Myanmar a perfect start to our plans.

Were our previous trips more or less mapped out, this time we want to travel on a theme. That means that the route, countries and means of travelling for instance are not yet fixed beforehand. That will give us more freedom to do what we find interesting at that particular time. The first stop was Thailand, next will be Myanmar and from there anything is possible so to say. Of course we will keep you updated on our adventures. If you have an interesting topic for us or something you’ve always wanted to know about these places, please let us know.

For now, enjoy some tropical pictures we made in Thailand!


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