The beautiful Lagoon

Except for that one tree the beach was completely empty. It was standing there, all alone in the middle of the beach, surrounded by nothing more than crispy sand, breaking waves and jungle covered hills. The roof of our selfmade hut was covered with millions of stars. Waking up at night, I could tell there had been a few ours past due to the position of the big Dipper. The seven brightest stars of the Big Dipper, the ‘saucepan’ (free translation from Dutch), formed a clear sky-mark.

Morning fell, quite honestly we were happy nobody disturbed us here last night, and took a dive in the swollen waves of the sea and our last food: crisps and cookies. We imagine our self in a Hollywood movie here on this beach, but then hunger hit. In a real movie we would now learn ourselves spear fishing, but there stood our Honda Dream shining in the midday sun and with such transportation we could sit at a mixed fried rice within an hour. Civilization was always near, but at the best beach we had ever seen we hadn’t seen anyone. For that one day and night the beach had our name written on it.

Dawei Peninsula 0015
Chilling in a tilted tree for a while.
Dawei Peninsula 0012
Dawei Peninsula 0011
It’s a Honda Dream! 100 CC of pure power digging its way to our hideout.
Dawei Peninsula 0017
Camping under the stars


‘Our’ beach is located on the Dawei Peninsula. The peninsula is a stretch of land of about 80 kilometres south west of the city of Dawei and famed for its empty white beaches. The peninsula has quite some local development. There are villages along the way and next to the main road there are palm and rice plantations. Besides that there are the jungle covered hills and its beaches where until now no facilities for the development of tourism has taken place. That’s were the fun starts.

The Dawei peninsula can be reached from Dawei and Muangmagan. The more northern beaches are reached quite easily, back and forth, within a few ours. The southern tip of the peninsula is worth a day or overnight trip. At the moment of visiting, there was no accommodation on the whole length of the peninsula were you can stay overnight. Some beaches on the Dawei peninsula are easy to reach with a scooter (I call the Honda Dream a scooter, others call it a motorbike. Anyway, it got us more or less everywhere we wanted to go), others take some more effort and some sense of adventure.

Dawei Peninsula do’s and don’ts:

Do’s: building a mosquito net tent. Swimming in the waves. paddling. Climb a tree. Just sit and do nothing.

Don’ts: Something stupid for which you have to call emergency services…. there is no phone coverage!

Dawei Peninsula 0008
Lumps of old trees are scattered around the beaches. They are awesome to climb.
Dawei Peninsula 0003
Dawei Peninsula 0014
Dawei Peninsula 0001

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  • Now i am at Dawei.I am juz thinking to go there.So could you plz tell me the name of that beach?If you also forget that name,tell me the location of the beach exactly.

  • Hi Mandy and Peter, your report and fotos are very beautiful and a big motivation for us to visit Dawei peninsula on our own in January 2017. Thanx a lot and have fun.
    Anke and Arno from Hamburg Germany

  • Hi Guys,

    I was in the same lagoon with my girlfriend four months ago. I spotted the “secret beach” from the plane between Kuala Lumpur and Yangon, and when I checked the map I could not see any major roads running to it which instantly made me think we should check it out.

    Despite the oil stains on the beach, which seems to be the case with most beaches in Myanmar because of the fishermen dumping their 1 piston engine’s oil into the sea, I have to say this is one of the prettiest beaches I have ever been on.

    Did you go swimming in the actual lagoon? Did you notice anything weird about it whenever you stepped or made a hole in the sand under water? If you do not know what I am talking about drop me an email and I will send you a link to a video I made of the weird phenomena. You might have noticed that most trees surrounding the blue lagoon were dead, I think I know what might be causing this.

    All the best!


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