7 days stuck in Malaysia

We were somewhat stuck for 7 days in Malaysia and in particular Kuala Lumpur. Below shots of that week in which we discovered KL with its skycrapers and shopping malls, Melaka and a day of shooting with the amazing Ambistionista. Enjoy!


Melaka is located at the narrowest point of the strait of Melaka between Indonesia and Malaysia. The strait has been a strategic point from the early days of world trade, with subsequently the Portuguese, the Dutch and the Brits ruling the town and its sea traffic. There are still many relics in the historical centre of the city, like the Dutch Graveyard, the Stadhuys, Christ Church and the ruins of St. Pauls Church. Up until this day the Strait of Melaka is of enormous importance 40% of world trade and 80% of China’s energy imports going through the Strait of Melaka


The Ambistionista
Heidi Nazarudin (The Ambitionista) and Mandy had a day of shooting in Kuala Lumpur City Park and the exquisitely renovated and restored Hotel Majestic. Heidi is Malaysia’s fashionista icon and a forefighter for business-minded women who love looking good – without compromising their credibility and the all while amplifying thei corporate and business strength through their wardrobe choices. Yeah! View more pictures here!

copywright Mandy Aileen Photography
copywright Mandy Aileen Photography

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