About us

We Want Adventure is a project that combines our love for travel, motorcycles and photography. We love to explore countries by motorcycle – capturing our adventures on film along the way.



Mandy is a photographer with over 10 years of experience. She does bridal photography but also has an active commercial portfolio.

Retail manager


Pieter works as a retail manager at a motor shop. It’s the largest motorcycle wear and accessories store in the Netherlands.

Our travels

This adventure started early 2014 when we bought two motorcycles and went on a road trip to Mongolia. We ended our rent, sold all our stuff and have been living a nomadic lifestyle ever since.

During our first trip we crossed 16 countries in three months. We called this photography project We Want Adventure. After that adventure, we lived for almost a year in Nepal and travelled to India (on several occasions), Australia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand.

India has stolen our heart, as did the Royal Enfield motorbike. But the last two years we decided to explore other continents. We went to South America, where we drove through South Colombia, Ecuador and Northern Peru on two motorbikes.

Our last trip brought us to East Africa where we had an amazing adventure in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. We started our trip with zero preparations, but we managed to arrange two very old motorbikes and the culture, nature and adventure made us craving for more Africa adventures!

Our biggest adventures

NOV 2018 – JAN 2019

East Africa

This time we had an amazing adventure in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

NOV 2017 – FEB 2018

South America

We loved driving through South Colombia, Ecuador and Northern Peru.

OCT 2015 – SPRING 2016

Southeast Asia

We went to Southeast Asia this time: Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia.

MAR 2015 – APR 2015

Back to India

India stole our hearts, so we went back to explore India for a second time.

DEC 2014 – MAR 2015

Living in Nepal

After our trip to India, we went back to Nepal to work and to discover life there.

NOV 2014 – DEC 2014

Northern India

Exploring Northern India on the Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.

JUN 2014 – NOV 2014

Discovering Nepal

Our first time in Nepal. We took our time to discover this beautiful country.

MAR 2014 – JUN 2014


Our first adventure! We drove from the Netherlands to Mongolia on two motorcycles.